Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.” Martin Tey from ‘Vontey Design Consultant’ thinks of it as a very simple concept; Only on an arduous journey that people can learn and grow efficiently. He believes greatly in hard work and determination that could do something simple meaningfully. Subsequently, with a whopping 16 years of experience, he is fully equipped with anything related to design technically. The undying passion for design inspired his decision to enrol the design programmes which he obtained a bachelor degree in Interior Design from Lasalle College of The Arts in 2013.

Martin emphasised the principles in designing and trained to be a critical thinker through education that aspiring to introduce the design that enriches the future with less stress, more humanity, and it should be able to harmonised with nature. Therefore, these thoughts would allows him to design spaces that could seep into users' daily life comfortably. He also firmly believes that when people love the design, they would probably appreciate their property even more and maintain it well. It became a new era of Hedonistic sustainability. Despite the fact that the design works are quite challenging and every honest hard work should provides a great sense of satisfaction. Lastly, all these positive mindset and achievement will certainly beneficial to all his client who are enjoying an extraordinarily spatial design that help to increase their quality of life as a desirable agenda.
Vontey Design Consultant
Interior Architecture